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Long distance relationships

I know this topic has been talked about like a lot but I just have to express what I feel about this. Long distance relationships or LDR for  me is just the sweetest! These kind of couples are one of the strongest ones out there. I know not all LDRs work but for the ones that do, I think it’s just amazing! These people are so faithful and patient. Being a thousand miles away from the one you love most is really hard but still they never give up no matter how hard their situation may be. Making sweet efforts just to show how much they love and miss each other, sending sweet messages, making videos for each other, video calls, etc. 

Now you may wonder how I know all this. I know this because I have been, sorta, in a kind of relationship as this. We’ve been in this kind of relationship (which I don’t know how to call it) for about or almost 2 years. He lives in Manila and I live in a far away land, far away from him obviously. We tweet, post pictures, email and before I forget, send these really sweet messages. I know exactly how it feels to miss someone you’ve never personally been with. The longing and the agony of waiting for this person till you see them again. Ours may not have worked out well but that doesn’t mean your relationship won’t. Just stay strong, faithful and always be patient with one another. Hold on. Hang in there. Soon enough you’ll be with them. Everything will turn out great for you, I just know  it! Stay inspired and keep the love! And remember, when two people fall in love, nothings stands in their way, what’s meant to be will be meant to be :) x

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okay, hello! I’m back to posting lame text posts again and right now I’m still thinking of things to talk about. I’m deciding what to talk about first as a lot of things has happened these past few days. 

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